Online Business Development Strategies and Neuromarketing Tactics

Date: 04.11.2016
Time: 1600
Trainer:Trainer: Elvin Rahimov
Training Language: English
Adress: J.Jabbarli 44, Caspian Plaza 1/8
Contact information: [070] [012] 596 5638
Registration Fee:NO Fee


In this workshop,you will learn: 


What Internet Marketing is and how you can be a successful internet marketer by following our step-by-step blueprint

How to start an ONLINE BUSINESS You Love with zero investment from scratch

How to work from home or wherever you want and whenever you want

Luxurious lifestyle of a typical internet marketer

Learn the theory behind 1k per day internet marketing strategy by working only 2 hours a day (maybe less that) - The best part is you do not need to quit your job (if you don't want to)

9 Exact steps that every successful online marketer has used so far and has achieved success (I am not talking about 100K marketers; they also use it though)

How to find and evaluate online business opportunities

Secret tips & tricks behind 7figure online businesses

Some tested and actionable online business strategies (You've got to admit it: We cannot cover everything in 2-hour training module)

Some useful tips on driving targeted buyer traffic and leads to your online store

How to double, triple and even quadruple your income by not doing anything extra (Recurring income strategy)

How to grow your business substantially and take it to the further levels

How to brainstorm hot and profitable online business ideas within 60 minutes (probably less than that)

Completely newbie-friendly online marketing tutorial from A to Z



 What you will discover in this training: 

* How to create an idea of "Man, I need to buy this RIGHT NOW!" in your customers

* The magical strategy to melt away sales resistance of your customers

* Storytelling scenarios to keep up your audience until the last step of buying process


 - How to multiply your revenue by 300% by using our 10 neuromarketing tactics

- Master Persuasion Skills and turn your casual website visitors into interested leads and then into rabid buyers

- Predict human behaviors behind buying process

- Decision-making process of a typical consumer 
- Imagine you know the way to the minds of the people. You know how it works and how you can control it with our irresistible emotional triggers. You know how to influence and inspire countless of individuals in a matter of time. How would it alter your overall business? How, with ease, could you boost your customer base and simultaneously, sales by applying these psychological aspects?

- If you work in sales, this training will arm you with new skills and techniques you can put into use every day to dramatically increase your commissions. And if you don't work in sales, you can still use these tactics to convince colleagues, subordinates, and supervisors to help you meet your goals and get things done on a daily basis. Even outside of the office, persuasion is a vital skill everyone should have.


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"Online Business Development Strategies and Neuromarketing Tactics" training by Oskar
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